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Holster Products

The $3 device that will change how you look at Infection Control

Holster Products are designed to hold items you want to keep clean. Yankauer Suction Catheters are the most common uses of these products.

The SuctionShield Holster is made of plastic and attaches to the bedrail or other horizontal bar with a removable zip style latch strap. 

The unit has a wide mouth for easy inserting of the yankauer and a drain stop that keeps the secretions that drainaway from the bottom of the yankauer.  The unit also has a hole in the face that is used for temporary pauses in suctioning.  The suction regulator is often "Around the I.V. poles and ventilators and behind the bed" very difficult to reach.  The hole allows the clinician to "Kink" the hose to stop suctioning and insert the kinked part in the hole.  When ready to start again, just pull the kinked tube out of the hole and suction starts again.  All without accessing the suction regulator.

With an esitamted 2 million HAI's per year at a cost of $40,000 to $80,000 each.  The $3 SuctionShield is a responsible investment and a smart way to protect your patients and practioners.

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